WordPress hosting for marketeers and webdesigners

As a web designer you spend a lot of time on peripheral issues that are necessary for website hosting. WP Provider takes care of website hosting and all these things for you. For you the assurance that you are using optimal website hosting and that the associated activities such as system administration, security and updates are performed professionally every day. This leaves you enough time to do what you do best: Web design and building websites!

WP Provider takes care of everything:

WP Provider offers growth

WP Provider provides good and honest support for hosting, updates, SSL certificates and security services to your clients.

We advise you, solicited and unsolicited, on how to grow your agency by using hosting in a smart way. We know that you don’t just move a portfolio, that’s why we aim for a long-term relationship. Curious about how WP Provider can help you?

Extra turnover

LiteSpeed is a drop-in, performance booster compared to Nginx or Apache. Our users experience a website up to 10x faster than with other hosting parties. Handle more visitors with fewer resources.

Growing Together

We take care of you and your customers and you help us grow our (joint) customer base. We always think along with you so that your customers are 100% satisfied.

Work more efficiently

While you’re doing what you do best, we take care of the important maintenance, updates, backups and security for your clients’ websites.


For a secure website, updates of WordPress and its plugins are necessary. But because we perform these updates daily, your customers’ websites are always optimally secured!


We make daily backups of all your customers’ websites. The database and all content of the websites are stored on our external backup servers for 30 days.

Secure hosting

We make sure that your customers’ websites are always safe and stay online. In case of calamities we can fall back on the backups and we will repair the websites for free if necessary.

Free benchmark

Curious about our performance?