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The impact of hosting on your SEO

You are doing SEO and want to get the most out of it for your own website? Like you, there are an awful lot of website owners who want to use search engine optimization to generate visitors for their own websites. When it comes to SEO, not everyone knows where to start. Do people even know about SEO? Then most people immediately think of writing the best content, swapping and finding links or improving site structure. That while the hosting party you choose can also have a big impact on your ranking in Google. Curious about the impact of hosting on your SEO campaign? In this article, we explain it to you.

The influence of hosting on SEO

When it comes to hosting, there are several things that can affect your search engine results. Are you picking a “bad” hosting party? Then chances are pretty good that your website and pages will rank poorly in the search engines. Are you picking a “good” hosting company right? Then give your website and pages a chance to rank well. There are some specific things that affect your SEO results.

The speed of your website

Google and other search engines place tremendous value on the usability of a Web site. This also immediately means that the speed of a Web site is very important. Search engines like Google want to give their users the best possible experience. In determining which Web sites or pages will be ranked at the top, search engines look primarily at how navigable and usable a Web site is. The visitor’s experience must be completely right. Is the navigation or structure of your website not right? Then you make it difficult for visitors to use your website. Search engines like Google quickly reject this. The same goes for the speed of your website. A slow website means that visitors have to wait too long before they can see what they are looking for. Again, Google penalizes you for this. The speed of your website should always be up to par! A good hosting company has good and fast servers, so your website will often be faster as well.

A secure environment with an SSL certificate

For many search engines, including Google, how secure a website is is incredibly important. Almost 10 years ago, in 2014, Google already announced that well-secured websites will rank higher than those with poor security. How do you know if your website is secure? If your website has a SSL certificate has, your website is secure. You can also tell this by what’s in the url. Is there “https://” in your url? Then your website is secured the way Google and other search engines expect. Is there “http://” in your url? Then your website is precisely not secure. What exactly does your hosting have to do with this? An SSL certificate can often be arranged through your hosting party. Therefore, if you have a good hosting company, your website will often be properly secured as well.

Redirecting Urls

Your hosting party should be able to redirect certain urls. Nowadays, many Internet users have become incredibly lazy. Whereas people used to enter “www.” in the browser bar, now they just enter the name of the website. Of course, this is not a disaster unless your hosting party does nothing about it at all. A hosting party can do two things so that visitors always come out well on your website and Google does not penalize you. A hosting party can set up a 301 redirect or ensure that the DNS is order. Has this been done? Then you prevent your website and pages from suddenly failing or ranking poorly.

How do you choose the best hosting party?

After reading this article, you may be thinking ‘My hosting party doesn’t have all these things in place at all. Now what?’ Is this the case with you? Then it’s time to switch to a new hosting company. There are a number of things to look out for when it comes to picking the right hosting.


  • Customer Service; It may happen that you have an outage on your website. That is fortunately not a disaster, as long as you have a party to support you in cases like this. Not every hosting party offers such support. So when choosing a hosting company, it is helpful to read reviews. You can even ask a critical question beforehand to test how you will be helped.


  • The price/quality; When choosing a hosting party, look carefully at what you need and what they offer. Often they offer more than you need and so you pay more than necessary. Choosing the cheapest party often means that you will not be fully supported or will have to deal with a slow server. Then again, of course, you don’t want to overpay. For a complete package at a good hosting company, you can consider €20 to €30. per month. Then you’re in the right place!


  • Server location; Of course, where the server sits can also affect the loading speed of your Web site. Do you know in advance that many of your visitors will come from abroad? Then it doesn’t hurt to have a server abroad. But of course, if your visitors are mainly from the Netherlands or Belgium, that’s not necessary at all!


Don’t quite get there yourself and outsource your SEO campaign to an

SEO marketing agency

? Then you can often ask that agency for some suggestions. After all, they also have to host their own website somewhere. As an SEO agency, I’m sure they will know a really good hosting company that you can go to!

Proper hosting is necessary!

So you see, hosting can have a lot of influence SEO and the success of the SEO campaigns you run. Hosting, for example, affects the speed of your website, the security of your website and also the accessibility of your website. If you don’t have these things in order, search engines often penalize you for it. This often makes it more difficult to rank as you envision. Therefore, before choosing a hosting party, it is helpful to consider such things as customer service, value for money and server location. A good hosting company may cost a bit, but then you can be sure that all the time you put into your content and Linkbuilding will pay off!


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