Web hosting maintenance is a complicated piece of technology that people prefer not to get involved with. Logical, because the smallest mistake can cause catastrophic problems. Websites that go offline, privacy-sensitive information that ends up on the street or entire databases that are completely deleted with one wrong click. You will not be the first (and certainly not the last) person it happens to. However, at WP Provider, you don’t have to worry about belonging to this group of unfortunate website owners. We arrange everything for you that has to do with webhosting maintenance!

Why web hosting maintenance?

Every website needs a small amount of storage space to run on. This is called web hosting. You can easily compare this with a physical building. In this case, the web hosting is the retail space, the website is the inventory. Just like a physical building, web hosting needs maintenance to keep it running optimally. And just like you would hire a specialist to take care of the electrics, paint the walls or do any repairs to a physical building, it is also advisable to leave this to a professional when it comes to web hosting.

After all, a mistake is easily made and in the complicated world of web hosting, a small mistake can cause huge problems. Maintaining hosting is a specialized job and WP Provider knows all the ins and outs.

Web hosting maintenance and support at WP Provider

At WP Provider we see it every day: entrepreneurs and (small) companies that miss opportunities. Web designers, online marketing agencies and IT administrators who are working on websites for their clients on a daily basis, but do not offer web hosting, let alone a hosting maintenance contract to their clients.

This is a missed opportunity as far as we are concerned. For a customer it is nice when all matters regarding the website can be handled by one partner. Someone who builds, markets and maintains the website. However, the complicated technology behind web hosting keeps most companies from offering it to their customers.

Managed (WordPress) webhosting from WP Provider can be the perfect solution. We offer webhosting and maintenance to our customers without them having to deal with the complex issues of hosting and maintaining a website. In this way they can provide an additional service to their customers, improve the connection with their customers and grow as a specialist in terms of authority. With us, you decide entirely whether the web hosting and web hosting maintenance contract is billed to the customer by us or by you. A win-win situation for all parties. Your customer has everything under one roof, you can expand your own service portfolio and of course we have a new customer. You happy, your customer happy and we happy!

Unburdening is the motto

A fashionable term perhaps, but certainly the word that describes our vision. We know better than anyone how complex the world of hosting and website maintenance is. We have seen it happen too often that people start working with this complex piece of technology themselves, only to come to us after all because the entire website was suddenly removed or because privacy-sensitive (business) information was leaked.

With our (managed) WordPress webhosting and maintenance contracts you and your clients are free from worries about website problems. As a hosting party, we take care of the proper functioning of the website and web hosting. We carry out the maintenance and ensure that your customers’ websites remain extremely fast and extremely secure. From your name. Or ours. The choice is entirely up to you!

So don’t wait any longer and offer your customers web hosting including a maintenance contract today. Contact us soon to discuss the possibilities regarding web hosting maintenance.