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WP Provider
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Ferdi Verlaan
Goede partner, supersnelle response. Blij met ze ;-)
Bert Steinebach
Dit bedrijf reageert snel en deskundig. Dat geeft een vertrouwd gevoel.
Patrick Diepgrond
Always the best service. You have a question, ask them and the respond right away. Those are the guys that will take care of you. For many time they help me out and always Super quick and Super good. Thanks guys. Go on like that. Patrick Diepgrond
Jeroen Heerschop
We are a customer of WPProvider for years now. We are also hosting our key customers with them. With other hosts we always encountered issues. But never with WPProvider. Priccing and responsiveness are really worth 5 stars.
Rita Kemink
Onze vereniging is sinds kort overgestapt naar WPProvider, zij hebben deze overstap keurig geregeld. Reageren snel bij vragen en de hulp is fantastisch.
Perfectpro Algemeen
Betrouwbaar, adequaat en behulpzaam
Zojuist voor het eerst kennisgemaakt met WP Provider. Supersnel geholpen, blij mee!
Virgil Bloemhard
Snelle support. Een DNS aanpassing aangevraagd via de mail en binnen een paar minuten al doorgevoerd!
byAr Bicycle
Harde werkers, top service, staan altijd voor je klaar! Wat kan je nog meer wensen?!

Wordpress update

It is important that a WordPress update is carried out properly. There are also many WordPress updates to various plugins that you may be using on your website. To get this done properly, you can hire WP Provider. Want to know more about WordPress update by WP Provider? Then read on.

WP Provider

WordPress updates

WordPress updates come out regularly. Thanks to these updates, security issues and other problems are addressed, making WordPress a little better again. It is important, however, that this update to WordPress is handled properly. Otherwise, your website may stop functioning properly or you may lose user data and visitor information. WP Provider ensures that the update of WordPress is performed in a controlled manner so that your website, user data and visitor information is and remains secure. Especially the latter is important because of the privacy legislation (GDPR).

WP Provider

Perform a WordPress update yourself

Almost anyone can work with WordPress. Creating pages and providing them with text and images is simple. In 5 minutes your new page can be online and found. In addition, many people also enjoy working on their site. If you also enjoy keeping systems updated, you can do WordPress updates yourself. It is important, however, to make backups and monitor for security and restore databases. Can you do this? Beautiful! Then do mostly the points you like. We are there for you for the most technical issues that you cannot handle yourself.

WP Provider

Outsource WordPress updates

With our custom (managed) WordPress hosting, you can be sure that your customers benefit from fast web hosting and an uptime of 99% of the time. Websites that are down can cause major problems and stress for your customers. Visitors will drop out and search engines will rank the website lower in search results when this happens more often. The best WordPress hosting in the Netherlands from WP Provider runs on very fast servers with CloudLinux in a virtual cluster, for extra stability and scalability. The servers of the best WordPress hosting party are monitored day and night. This allows us to quickly resolve small calamities before they become major problems. When you choose for WordPress hosting at WP Provider you are assured of a fast, secure and reliable hosting company.