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We guarantee that your customers’ websites will load faster and more smoothly than any other (cloud) hosting provider. This improves the visitor experience and increases the time visitors spend on these sites. This ultimately leads to higher conversions.

Using a combination of proprietary software and hardware technologies and advanced system management techniques, we can provide a faster and more secure hosting environment, allowing visitors to have a better experience on the website.

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Tailored for web designers

Automatic backups, updates and patches

If you spend a lot of time on peripheral matters such as system management, updates, security and everything that has to do with website hosting, it is nice to know that WP Provider takes all these things off your hands.

As a web designer you spend a lot of time on peripheral matters that are necessary for website hosting. WP Provider takes care of the website hosting and all these things for you. For you the certainty that you make use of optimal website hosting and that the associated activities such as system management, security and updates are carried out professionally every day. This leaves enough time for you to do what you are good at: Web design & building websites!

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Tailored for developers

The best toolset for WordPress developers

Tijd besparen bij het ontwikkelen van WordPress websites? WP Provider bied de juiste tools om het proces zo eenvoudig mogelijk te maken.

 SSH-access with WP-CLI
 PHP-version selector
 Core/Plugin/Theme updates
 LiteSpeed + Redis caching
 Staging environment

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After the free benchmark, I was immediately convinced of WP Provider, my webshop received a huge performance boost, so that visitors stay longer in the webshop.

AlexWebshop owner

With hosted my website at a large Dutch hosting provider. After my switch to WP Provider my website has improved in loading time. In addition to competitive prices and a very friendly service, I would like to recommend everyone to switch to WP Provider.

Because WP Provider has the data center in the Netherlands and always offers a very good TTFB for the WordPress websites that we manage, it was the best decision to make.

MaxOnline marketer

Despite we are in the same industry, we place our WordPress customers with WP Provider so that we no longer have to worry about it. So far very satisfied with the service.


“On average, our customers see a performance improvement (in terms of page load time and first page response time (TTFB)) of about 20% to 200%, depending on the site size and the amount of traffic per day.

The busier the site is, the higher the gain in speed. Don’t forget that if your site doesn’t load immediately, your visitors are likely to leave your page after the first click! ”

Our data center is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 certified.

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