Notice & Takedown

Notice & Takedown procedure WP Provider 2020

Notice-and-Take-Down-procedure WP Provider

With a Notice-and-Take-Down (NTD) procedure, you make a request to take certain website content published by a WP Provider client offline.
The NTD procedure is intended for unlawful or infringing content, such as discrimination and plagiarism. The NTD procedure is not intended for brand names in domain names or for abuse (spam, hacking, phishing, etc.).

Please fill in the form below completely and truthfully. We will process your request as soon as possible (within 10 working days). Without complete information, the exact location(s) of the unlawful or infringing material, and proof of the alleged infringement, we will be unable to process your request.

Contact form NTD procedure

Your complaint

Please provide an explanation of your complaint below:

Supporting documents

If in your possession, attach the necessary supporting documents:

  • In case of copyright infringement; the original location of the material concerned (by means of an url in the text field);
  • proof that the above-mentioned person is the holder of the rights in question;
  • proof that the above-mentioned rightholder has previously approached the owner of the website, for example in the form of an e-mail.