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With 15 years of experience and offices in Lyon, AcyMailing is an email marketing solution integrated into your WordPress and Joomla back office. This integration means you don’t have to use multiple tools to send your emails. The plugin is installed directly on your site, giving you full control over your data.

Top Features of AcyMailing: 

  • Creation of newsletters: AcyMailing allows for the easy design of attractive and personalized newsletters for your communication campaigns. 
  • Marketing Campaigns: The platform streamlines the creation of targeted marketing campaigns by integrating subscriber list segmentation tools. Additionally, the implementation of marketing sequences (follow-up) is made easy to optimize your campaigns. 
  • Integration with WordPress and Joomla: AcyMailing seamlessly integrates with the back offices of WordPress and Joomla, providing a smoother user experience without the need to use multiple separate tools. 
  • Automation: The solution offers automation features to schedule and send emails based on specific events, enhancing the efficiency of campaigns. 
  • Performance Analysis: AcyMailing provides data analysis tools to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns, allowing for continuous adjustments and improvements. 
  • Customization: The platform makes email personalization based on subscriber preferences and behavior easy, thereby enhancing engagement. 
  • Technical Support: Users benefit from the technical support of an experienced team, ensuring optimal utilization of the solution. 

Overall, AcyMailing offers remarkable features to simplify and optimize email marketing campaigns. From creating personalized newsletters to advanced segmentation and seamless integration with WordPress and Joomla, the platform emphasizes targeted communication. Automation, performance analysis, and customization enhance customer engagement, making AcyMailing an essential solution for impactful email campaigns. 

Advantages of AcyMailing Premium 

1. Automatic Sending: 

  • Automate the dispatch of your campaigns for added convenience. 
  • Save time and energy with efficient automation. 
  • Schedule your dispatches regularly or according to a predetermined plan. 

2. Captcha: 

  • Ensure security by distinguishing human users from robots. 
  • Safeguard your space with visual tests and questions to prevent any malicious activity. 

3. Advanced Statistics: 

  • Delve into the details with a thorough analysis of your campaign’s performance.
  • Discover key metrics such as open, click, and conversion rates. 
  • Gain valuable insights into the behavior of your recipients for a deeper understanding.

4. Custom Fields for the User: 

  • Create fields that reflect your identity by tailoring them to each user. 
  • Shape your own experience with the freedom to customize fields according to your needs. 
  • Experience heightened satisfaction by engaging fully in a completely personalized experience. 
  • Customize your content based on your preferences for a unique experience. 
  • Utilize variables to make your messages even more relevant and tailored to your requirements. 

5. Spam Test: 

  • Your newsletters undergo examination in software that verifies them. Once processed, a page displays your score and any necessary modifications. This ensures optimal delivery and optimized content. 

6. Bounce Management: 

  • Automatically handle return messages related to invalid addresses. 
  • Ensure that your mailing list remains of high quality with proactive management. 

7. List Segmentation: 

  • Organize your subscribers into groups that make sense to you. 
  • Tailor your messages based on the specifics of each group for a truly personalized approach.