Webhosting reseller

Looking for a reliable web hosting reseller so you can provide your clients with quality web hosting? At WP Provider you are at the right place. We work with custom web hosting so you can offer your customers exactly what they need. Discover all our possibilities as webhosting reseller!

Why a web hosting reseller?

With regular web hosting from other parties it is not possible to create multiple users. You rent 1 piece of hosting and only you may use it. With reseller hosting you can create multiple users and assign a certain amount of data traffic and disk space to each user.

At WP Provider you can purchase webhosting that you can assign to your clients as a reseller. Ideal for web designers, online marketers or IT administrators. This way you can easily expand your service portfolio and offer more services to your customers.

Reseller hosting from WP Provider

At WP Provider, we don’t believe in a One-Size-Fits-All solution for web hosting. For us, quality always comes before quantity. That’s why we offer our clients reseller hosting that suits their needs and preferences. We take care of all the technical hassle for you and your customers.

So you don’t have to worry about updates, security leaks, backups, moving websites and all the other technical issues that come with web hosting.

We use CloudLinux and can therefore guarantee a safe and stable environment for your customers’ websites. Downtime is virtually unknown and thanks to our optimised database servers, your customers’ websites are lightning fast. In addition, our webhosting reseller clients receive unlimited SSL certificates to guarantee the security of the website even better.

Everyone happy with our webhosting

At WP Provider, we believe that we are here for and by each other. Many web design and marketing agencies, as well as IT administrators, perform numerous tasks around their clients’ websites. These customers often take their webhosting elsewhere and this can of course be done differently.

Thanks to our services as a web hosting reseller, you can offer web hosting under your own name (White Label) to your clients as an extra service.

This way your customer has all services under one roof (great for the customer) and you intensify your relationship with your customer (great for you). We take care of all the technical aspects so that you can focus on your core business, but still provide an extra service to your customers (extra nice for you).

And what’s more: for every new customer that you bring to us, you will also receive a commission from us!

Curious about all the possibilities regarding our webhosting reseller service? Contact us todayto discuss the possibilities!