Looking for the fastest hosting party in the Netherlands? Congratulations! You found us. WP Provider offers you the fastest and best custom webhosting in the Netherlands. Discover on this page why we are the best and fastest hosting party in the Netherlands!

Tailor-made web hosting

Many web hosting companies use a ‘One Size Fits All’ approach. They have standard packages where you usually pay for features you don’t use or are forced to purchase a more expensive web hosting package when you outgrow the old one.

Not quite fair as far as we’re concerned. Web hosting should fit you like a tailored suit and you should not have to pay unnecessarily for fast and good web hosting. Therefore, as a hosting company, we offer custom web hosting to our clients.

Fast web hosting

In a time where everything goes fast, it is an absolute necessity that websites load quickly. Web hosting can mean the difference between losing sales structurally and bringing in more sales over and over again.

For this reason we have chosen for CloudLinux. Our servers have Xeon processors, super fast SSDs and a 1Gbps connection. Everything to make sure we can be the fastest hosting party in the Netherlands.

Secure hosting

Besides speed, security is also a hot issue in web hosting. Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly inventive and your data has never been more insecure than it is today. Unless you choose for our webhosting of course.

At WP Provider we use a so-called ‘Lightweight Virtualized Environment’. Also known as an isolated home environment. This way, our customers are not bothered by other users on the server and your files are optimally protected against intruders. Moreover, you will receive a free SSL certificate to protect the website even better.

Fast Managed Webhosting

Our services are primarily aimed at companies who want to offer their customers something extra. A web design agency that not only designs and develops the website, but also manages the web hosting. Or a marketing agency that not only attracts visitors to the website but also provides updates, backups and closes security gaps.

Not that you have to do all that yourself; WP Provider does it all for you!

We offer super fast managed hosting, possibly on a White Label basis. This way you can offer your clients an extra service (everything concerning the WordPress CMS under one roof), but you don’t have to worry about the technical side of webhosting. We ensure that your customers’ websites work optimally. That they’re safe. Up to date. And above all, it loads very quickly so that visitors do not drop out unnecessarily.

A win-win situation for all of us!

Become a partner of the fastest hosting party in the Netherlands

Becoming a partner at WP Provider is not only great for you and your clients. It’s also nice for your wallet. On the one hand, you decide what rate you charge your customer for fast web hosting, but on the other hand, we reward you for bringing in new customers. For every new customer that you bring to us, you will receive a commission.

You will benefit from a better relationship with your clients (everything under one roof), a partnership with the fastest hosting party in the Netherlands has financial advantages and you don’t have to worry for a second about the technical aspects of web hosting.

Convinced of our service? Please contact us to discuss the extensive possibilities!