Free SSL for all WordPress websites

Starting today, all clients on the WP Provider platform will receive HTTPS for free.
This ensures better security and performance of every blog and website we host on our platform.

The advantage for you is that the changes are automatic: you don’t have to do anything else as you are used to from us.

As the EFF notes as part of their Encrypt the Web initiative, HTTPS empowers our users in a variety of ways, including protection against surveillance of content and communications, cookie theft, account theft, and other web security flaws.

The Let’s Encrypt project gave us an efficient and automated way to issue SSL certificates for a large number of domains.

For you, this means that within minutes you will automatically see secure encryption on every new site. All traffic over HTTP is excluded to improve the security of your site.

Google has also announced that HTTPS will be used as a classification signal in search results, with HTTPS-supported sites ranking above their competitors.

We take security very seriously and we are proud to offer it to users on the WP Provider platform. Do you have any questions about this change? please contact us.