Looking for fast custom WordPress hosting? You can find it at WP Provider! We offer cheap WordPress hosting in the Netherlands, with speed and security as our top priorities. Want to know more about the best WordPress hosting provider in the Netherlands? Then read on below.

Waarom WordPress hosting?

WordPress is the most widely used Content Management System (CMS) in the world and this works best in combination with WordPress hosting. About a third of all websites on the internet today are built with WordPress, and that’s not surprising. WordPress excels in important factors such as security, speed, reliability and simplicity. The major parties of the world also use WordPress. Examples include websites of NRC.Next, The New York Times, The Walt Disney Company, Radio 538 and The Voice of Holland. If even these types of organizations are using WordPress, it must be working well. However, webhosting of WordPress is an important part. In addition, numerous webshops use the WooCommerce module within WordPress, which means they have WooCommerce hosting.

Everything depends on good WordPress hosting. Usually WordPress websites score well in the search engines, but site speed is also important for ranking in these search engines. With poor web hosting of WordPress, security breaches are also more the rule than the exception. Cybercriminals, such as hackers, are becoming increasingly inventive and by choosing poor WordPress hosting, privacy-sensitive information about you or your clients can simply fall into the wrong hands. So choose the best WordPress hosting in the Netherlands!

Beste managed WordPress hosting

WP Provider specializes in custom Managed WordPress Hosting and is the best choice for you! Thanks to a lot of experience, we are familiar with all the dangers lurking in web hosting of a WordPress website. Also, all WordPress websites hosted with us come standard with state of the art SSL certificate. We also know how important speed and security are to get high in the search results.

Through our experience we see that web designers, online marketing agencies and IT administrators often miss out on great opportunities when it comes to WordPress hosting. These companies design, build and manage their clients’ WordPress websites, but the web hosting and complicated technology are often left entirely to the client. This is a shame! Thanks to our managed WordPress hosting packages, you can offer your clients an additional service without having to delve too deeply. By engaging the best WordPress hosting party, WP Provider, our clients are left with more time and energy to do what they do best, like web designing, marketing practice, and IT management.

Fast and secure WordPress hosting

With our custom (managed) WordPress hosting, you can be sure that your customers benefit from fast web hosting and an uptime of 99% of the time. Websites that are down can cause major problems and stress for your customers. Visitors will drop out and search engines will rank the website lower in search results when this happens more often. The best WordPress hosting in the Netherlands from WP Provider runs on very fast servers with CloudLinux in a virtual cluster, for extra stability and scalability. The servers of the best WordPress hosting party are monitored day and night. This allows us to quickly resolve small calamities before they become major problems. When you choose for WordPress hosting at WP Provider you are assured of a fast, secure and reliable hosting company.

Become a hosting partner

If you choose WP Provider as your WordPress hosting provider in the Netherlands, you will benefit from several advantages. You can choose whether to invoice the customers yourself or have us do it for you. Our so-called White Label WordPress hosting is ideal for building more authority with your customers. You remain the face for the customer but we take care of the complicated technical side of hosting. In this way, we all benefit from the cooperation.

Do not wait any longer and contact us today for the possibilities around the best WordPress hosting in the Netherlands.