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Ferdi Verlaan
Goede partner, supersnelle response. Blij met ze ;-)
Bert Steinebach
Dit bedrijf reageert snel en deskundig. Dat geeft een vertrouwd gevoel.
Patrick Diepgrond
Always the best service. You have a question, ask them and the respond right away. Those are the guys that will take care of you. For many time they help me out and always Super quick and Super good. Thanks guys. Go on like that. Patrick Diepgrond
Jeroen Heerschop
We are a customer of WPProvider for years now. We are also hosting our key customers with them. With other hosts we always encountered issues. But never with WPProvider. Priccing and responsiveness are really worth 5 stars.
Rita Kemink
Onze vereniging is sinds kort overgestapt naar WPProvider, zij hebben deze overstap keurig geregeld. Reageren snel bij vragen en de hulp is fantastisch.
Perfectpro Algemeen
Betrouwbaar, adequaat en behulpzaam
Zojuist voor het eerst kennisgemaakt met WP Provider. Supersnel geholpen, blij mee!
Virgil Bloemhard
Snelle support. Een DNS aanpassing aangevraagd via de mail en binnen een paar minuten al doorgevoerd!
byAr Bicycle
Harde werkers, top service, staan altijd voor je klaar! Wat kan je nog meer wensen?!
Elastic WordPress hosting

Are you looking for web hosting with more resources? Often people immediately think of a VPS. Elastic Cloud Hosting is the solution if you are looking for more resources, but prefer not to maintain a VPS yourself or if a Managed VPS is too expensive.

WP Provider

Elastic Cloud Hosting - The alternative for a VPS

Our new Elastic Cloud Hosting offers you fully managed instances within our hosting infrastructure. It is not a VPS where you get a virtual environment including the OS. Instead, we virtualize the application layer and don’t copy multiple OSes. In short, our Elastic Cloud server is much more of a dedicated server than a VPS where you don’t know how many resources you have to share. Our application layer virtualization keeps all data secure, but also keeps the overhead of VPSs at bay. Our Elastic Cloud hosting servers are a good step between a shared hosting account and a large dedicated server. Our Elastic Site packages come with massive amounts of memory and blazing fast SSD/NVMe drives more like you’ll find on your average VPS or standard Cloud server.

WP Provider

When to choose for Elastic cloud hosting

If your site needs more resources than the current shared hosting plan offers, then an Elastic Site is perfect for you. Moreover, if you need a different version of PHP than your host currently offers, you can easily select another PHP version through the PHP selector. Additionally, you do not need to purchase Controlpanel licenses and security and backups are included with your Elastic Site. However, if you want to run applications in a non-standard environment (node.js, Java), add non-standard Apache mods, use nginx, or use non-standard databases like PerconaDB, then a VPS is a better choice.

WP Provider

Completely unburdened with Elastic Cloud Hosting

With an unmanaged VPS (Virtual Private Server), you are responsible for everything that happens on the VPS. You must set up the server, configure the applications and monitor the VPS yourself. The responsibility of the web hosting provider ends with the provision of the network connection and the virtualization platform. This is similar to disabling an airplane’s autopilot and returning control to the pilots. In fact, pilots then have full control of the aircraft.

Unmanaged VPS hosting is not recommended for beginners with limited technical knowledge because it requires a lot of technical knowledge to get things up and running. A good solution is Elastic Cloud Hosting, where the technical aspect is handled by the web hosting provider. That way, you don’t have to worry about setting up services such as LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP), WordPress CMS and configuring features such as SSL certificates, firewall, CDN, site backups and DNS settings, among many other aspects.

WP Provider

24/7 support for your Elastic WordPress site

We know that the internet doesn’t stand still, and that’s why we at WP Provider offer support on a high level. You will speak to someone directly by phone who will look at your WordPress website with you. Do you have a question about VPS Webhosting and what it can do for your website and performance/conversion? Then please contact us.

WP Provider

Improved WordPress tools

Within your account you can use the most useful WordPress tools. You can use version control, staging, WP-CLI and other useful WordPress tools that make life a little easier.

In short, with a Managed VPS from WP Provider you are at the right place because:

  • WP Provider takes care of all technical and server related issues
  • Daily backups
  • Telephone support for WordPress questions
  • Your account is specially configured for WordPress
  • Our 24-hour support line will help you solve all your technical problems.
LiteSpeed hosting


LiteSpeed is a drop-in, performance booster compared to Nginx or Apache. Our users experience a website up to 10x faster than with other hosting parties. Handle more visitors with fewer resources.

cloudlinux hosting


With CloudLinux, your site is hosted in its own isolated virtual environment, ensuring top performance. If required we can easily allocate more resources to your website without downtime.

http2 hosting


HTTP/2 offers faster load times than HTTP because of its ability to deliver multiple HTTP requests simultaneously. HTTP2 is based on Google’s SPDY project and is the first major HTTP update since 1999!

LiteSpeed cache for wordpress

LSCache for WP

Delivers superior performance and decreases page load speed for your WordPress site. Provides less overhead and more efficient caching compared to competing solutions.

Edge side includes hosting


Don’t want to cache a part of a page? Normally this is a problem but with Edge Side Includes (ESI) you can easily exclude parts of a page so they will not be cached.

SPDY hosting


SPDY is a Google-developed protocol designed to deliver website content both faster and more securely. Although SPDY is available with your WP Provider account, Google has announced that SPDY will be replaced by HTTP / 2.



Do you have visitors from abroad? CloudFlare is a content delivery network that protects and accelerates websites. It automatically optimizes the delivery of your page so that your site loads quickly anywhere in the world.



With Redis, everything that is cached is not stored on disks but in memory. By storing the cache in memory this will give your Wordpess website a huge performance gain. Redis also makes your backend considerably faster.

Curious about our performance?

Free benchmark

Request the benchmark

Optimized for WordPress

We actively contribute to the WordPress codebase, so you can be sure we know all the ins and outs of this world-class CMS. Our rich set of features allows you to manage your website effortlessly. We are constantly refining our platform to ensure 99.99% uptime. From our servers to our support team and through our pre-installed cache plugins, we ensure that everything is geared towards the best WordPress hosting experience.

WordPress hosting

CloudLinux’s Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) technology creates a single environment for each user on the server. CloudLinux OS then uses cgroups to limit the amount of RAM, CPU, IO and processes available to each user.

LVEs can be used to ensure that no user will use too much of the server’s resources and so each user should have sufficient resources available. A customer in this environment does not need to upgrade to a VPS to get reliable service.

Of course! If you already have a WordPress website you can contact usfor a free benchmark.

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