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10 Best Video Hosting Solutions to Consider (Free vs Paid)

In the current digital landscape, video content is king, with an astounding 66% higher average website conversion rate. After you select a reputed WordPress hosting provider and construct the structure of your website, the next thing you must focus on is striking content to retain visitors. Along with all the content featured on your website, you must include video content, as it is probably the most consumed content type. 

This comprehensive article examines the top 10 video hosting websites for WordPress so you can make an informed choice that suits your requirements and goals.

Should I Self-Host Videos on WordPress or utilizing a 3rd Party Video Hosting solution is a better option?

When determining the ideal approach for hosting videos on your WordPress site, a fundamental decision emerges: self-hosting or embracing a third-party video hosting solution. Each option comes with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

Self-Hosting Videos on WordPress


  • Ultimate Control: Self-hosting empowers you with unparalleled control over your content, allowing you to customize your video’s appearance and accompanying information.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Self-hosting eliminates hosting fees, saving you valuable resources.
  • Time Savings: You are not reliant on a third-party platform to store and manage your videos.
  • Customization: Tailor the look and feel of your video and its associated content, creating a unique viewer experience.


  • Increased Server Load: Self-hosting may lead to higher server loads, potentially resulting in slower page loading times and increased downtime.
  • Higher Upfront Costs: Setting up and maintenance of your server can be more expensive than third-party hosting.
  • Limited Storage and Bandwidth: Self-hosting may restrict your storage and bandwidth, causing issues with numerous videos or high traffic.
  • Lack of Specialized Features: Third-party hosting services often offer specialized features like adaptive streaming and transcoding, which may not be available in self-hosting.
  • No CDN: Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, commonly provided by third-party hosting, may not be available when self-hosting.

In summary, self-hosting on WordPress offers control, cost savings, security and customization but may lead to technical and resource challenges. Third-party hosting solutions come with scalability and specialized features, offering a broader audience and monetization opportunities.

List of Best 10 WordPress Video Hosting Platforms

Free Video Hosting Services

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  3. Facebook Videos
  4. DailyMotion

Paid Video Hosting Services

  1. Wistia
  2. Spotlightr
  3. Cloudflare Stream
  4. Jetpack
  5. SproutVideo
  6. Unscreen

Let’s delve into the free video hosting options for WordPress:

1. YouTube

Youtube logo_ free video hosting

Pros of YouTube:

  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth: YouTube offers limitless hosting resources.
  • Access to a Vast Audience: Leverage YouTube’s immense user base for broader exposure.
  • Embeds Easily on WordPress: Seamlessly embed videos using The Plus Video Block.
  • No Hosting Cost: Hosting is free with no associated costs, making it one of the best free video hosting sites.
  • Extra Revenue Source: Potential for additional business revenue.

Cons of YouTube:

  • Copyright Infringement: Videos are not fully secure.
  • Display of Ads: Advertisements are displayed on your videos.
  • Basic Analytics: Limited analytics information.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo logo_ free video hosting

Pros of Vimeo:

  • Streams up to 4K Video Quality: Offers high video quality.
  • Ad-Free Video Hosting: Your content remains free from ads.
  • Private Video Hosting with Passwords: Control who views your videos.
  • Great Video-Creating Tools: Ideal for professional use.

Cons of Vimeo:

  • Limited Storage for Free Users: Storage capacity restrictions.
  • Expensive for Large-Scale Usage: Free plan limitations may necessitate paid upgrades.
  • Smaller Existing Audience: Smaller user base compared to YouTube.

3. Facebook Videos

Facebook logo - free video hosting

Pros of Facebook Videos:

  • Unlimited Video Hosting Storage: No storage limits.
  • Access to Existing Audiences: Tap into Facebook’s vast user base.
  • No Hosting Cost: Hosting is free.
  • Marketing Platform Potential: Utilize Facebook for traffic.

Cons of Facebook Videos:

  • Copyright Infringement: Limited security.
  • Basic Analytics Dashboard: Minimal analytics data.
  • Basic Video Player: Limited player features.

4. DailyMotion

DailyMotion logo

Pros of DailyMotion:

  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth Hosting: A free video upload site with no restrictions on hosting resources.
  • Access to Existing Audiences: Benefit from a sizable user base.
  • Private Video Hosting Solution with Passwords: Control who views your videos.
  • Accepts a Wide Range of Content: Fewer restrictions on content types.

Cons of DailyMotion:

  • Display of Ads: Advertisements on videos.
  • Lower Video Length and File Size: Smaller video duration and size compared to YouTube.
  • Users Cannot Download Your Video: Download restrictions in place.

These free WordPress video hosting platforms offer a range of features and benefits, but also come with specific limitations. Your choice should align with your content strategy and goals.

Paid WordPress Video Hosting Solutions

For those seeking advanced video hosting features and marketing tools, these paid video sharing platforms are worth considering:

5. Wistia

Wistia logo-Paid WordPress Video Hosting Solutions

Pros of Wistia:

  • Great for Lead Generation: Ideal for hosting videos online for businesses using videos for lead generation.
  • Customizable Player: Tailor the player to your brand.
  • Ad-Free Video Hosting: Keep your content ad-free.
  • Easy Integration with Social Media Platforms: Seamlessly integrate with social media.
  • Access to Advanced Features: Unlock advanced features with an upgrade.

Cons of Wistia:

  • 200GB Video Hosting Bandwidth Limit (Video Hosting Free Plan): Free plan limitations on hosting bandwidth.
  • Limited Free Plan: Free plan restrictions include video count.
  • Basic Analytics (Free Plan): Limited analytics on the free plan.
  • Expensive Upgrades: Upgrades come at a cost.

6. Spotlightr

Spotlightr logo-Paid WordPress Video Hosting Solutions

Pros of Spotlightr:

  • In-Depth Video Analytics Dashboard: Detailed analytics for video tracking.
  • Advanced Player Customization: Customize the player to match your brand.
  • Add Call to Action on Videos: Capture leads through CTAs.
  • Ad-Free Video Hosting: Keep your videos ad-free.

Cons of Spotlightr:

  • Limited Storage and Bandwidth: Limited resources as Video Host Free; more resources come at a cost.
  • No Existing Audience: Build your own audience.
  • Cost of Spotlightr: Pricing starts at $7 per month.

7. Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream-Paid WordPress Video Hosting Solutions

Pros of Cloudflare Stream:

  • Serverless Video Hosting: Fast video viewing through serverless hosting.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Content is distributed through a global CDN.
  • Caching for Bandwidth Savings: Caching reduces server requests and costs.

Cons of Cloudflare Stream:

  • Cost Structure: Pay per usage, but cost-effective.
  • Limited Features: Focuses on hosting, lacks advanced marketing tools.
  • These paid solutions provide advanced marketing capabilities, detailed analytics, and customization options, but also come with associated costs and resource limitations.

8. Jetpack

Jetpack logo

Pros of Jetpack:

  • Unbranded, customizable embedded video player.
  • Unlimited video file hosting.
  • Video stats within your WordPress dashboard.
  • Seamless embedding into WordPress posts and pages with Jetpack video blocks.

Cons of Jetpack:

  • Lacks advanced features compared to other premium video hosting services.
  • No built-in audience to tap into.

9. SproutVideo

SproutVideo logo

Pros of  Sproutvideo

  • It’s easy to host a video and use it as a background video on your website
  • The support is excellent and will provide a quick and thorough response
  • It’s a professional solution for businesses, not an entertainment platform like YouTube or Vimeo
  • You can get in touch with an actual person at SproutVideo when you need to

Cons of SproutVideo: 

  • It is very complex to learn and can be hard to use for normal users
  • It lacks important features for scheduling and reporting

10. Uscreen

Unscreen logo

Pros of Unscreen

  • Easy to set up
  • Supports community-building
  • Easy to manage content from one dashboard
  • Offers versatile monetization options

Cons of Unscreen

  • Limited design flexibility
  • Higher pricing compared to some competitors
  • Reports of hidden fees from past users
  • Limited analytics

Wrapping it Up!

Choosing a reliable video hosting service for your WordPress website is an important step in developing your content marketing strategy. When choosing between free and paid services, keep your goals, budget, and technical requirements in mind. You’ll be well-equipped to leverage the potential of video content for your online business if you make an informed decision.

Contact us right away to obtain the best customized web hosting service. We offer support at different levels to fit your working styles. 


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